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Our mission is to expand the clinical experience of healthcare workers by providing an interactive setting that will promote critical thinking skills and a teamwork approach to patient care.

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First analyze patient's current health status!

  • The first step in diagnoses and treatment, is to assess the patient. Lab work, health history and current physical condition give the practitioner important information that is required for proper therapy. In a given scenario, students and current health professionals are able to review and analyze any current and previous health concerns that will facilitate a proper understanding for a diagnosis.

  • True to life scenarios are brought to you in a manner that corresponds to a real-life clinical setting. Assessment of heart rate, respiratory rate, breath sounds and an array of other lab results, are provided in each scenario.


With an adequent amount of information, a proper diagnosis will lead to the most suitable and individualized treatment plan.

  • MySELA provides an array of unique scenarios that allow for the development of clinical practice and practical (technical) skills. As well as facilitating the acquisition of routine skills, simulation also allows safe (for the learner and the patient) exposure to rare diseases/conditions, critical incidents, near misses and crisis situations.

  • By having a system that provides an extensive amount of information on a patient with a respiratory illness, the student can experience gradually more complex clinical challenges, rare emergency situations and ultimatley the chance to apply their knowledge in a harmless setting.

  • Treatment plans are provided for the user to administer to their patient as needed. As the patient recieves treatment, the user is able to follow health decline/progression to quickly determine whether the treatment applied is one that is beneficial to the current condition.



  • MySELA gives feedback on your choices with therapeutic reasoning.


  • Test questions are assigned to challenge your critical thinking skills and a simulator survey form is provided so that you can give us an honest opinion on MySELA and your experience.

How MySELA Works For You?

MySELA is an online interactive clinical assessment and treatment course designed to simulate real life patient encounters.

A cheaper, faster and more efficient way of learning

Challenge your skill level while having fun! Save time and money and have a better overall experience.

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Using a fun practical method of learning, MySELA simulations will keep you ready for any scenario, while simutaneously helping you meet your CEU requirments.

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Built for success

The key to a successful simulation, is the scenario that is designed and delivered. Depending on the needs, level and number of learners (and available facilities and faculty), a suitable scenario needs to be devised. MySELA provides a true to life experience with all of the amenities needed for proper evaulations and treatment.

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MySELA will give you feedback on clinical decisions that are made. You can monitor and improve your clinical decision-making skills.

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You’re in a good hands

Far too often, students and independent clinicians are faced with studying material that is dry and dissociated to a real life experience. This is why Karee and Steve have collaborated with schools, educators and healthcare facilities, who are equally passionate about providing the most effective training in the world to develop MySELA.

Over the course of 35+ years of clinical respiratory care experience, Karee has invested her efforts in designing a system that brings learning to an experiential level. She teamed up with Steve, who has an MBA and 30 years of experience in finance, to advance MySELA.

Software is key to a business. Exceptional software is key to having the edge. Therefore, Karee and Steve have collaborated with Lighthouse Patterns, a custom software solution provider with over 20 years of experience.

Ms. Rawlings has been a Respiratory Care Practitioner for 33 years. She has worked in multiple areas of patient care including ICU, PICU, NICU, ED, Trauma and PFT. Her most recent role as Clinical Specialist for the Cardiopulmonary Department at a large trauma center affords her the opportunity to work closely with patients and staff members to achieve optimal outcomes in patient experience.

As CEO of Rawlings Technologies, Karee has a vision of revolutionizing the medical instructional and testing paradigms that are not nearly as effective as modern technology permits, as it continues to open new doors.

Mr. Moore has over 30 years of experience in financial management, contract coordination and corporate strategic planning. In his role, Mr. Moore is responsible for all aspects of financial analysis and reporting. In addition, he manages office operations and administrative functions.

With Rawlings Technologies, Steve brings this same mastery of finance into a game-changing, industry-disrupting organization, ensuring the success of all Rawlings Technologies products.

Lighthouse Patterns is an excellence-missioned software solutions provider, empowering their clients to become and remain leaders in their industry. As a fully-capable custom-solution provider, they help navigate these technical waters, ready to tackle any charted or uncharted areas an organization might have. Due to the dynamic of the teams, level of expertise retained, and mastery of the development disciplines, they are reliably able to exceed the needs and expectations.

This is also due in large part to the seasoned, in-house Keystone Platform they developed, super-charging their teams. Their Keystone Platform embodies several component fibers which make custom software development faster but robust and at the same time, increasing quality.


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